Bear River Chiropractic
A Family Practice


We believe that your whole family deserves the best care possible. That's why we give your family a first-class wellness experience by providing you with the educational tools and resources to keep your family as healthy as can be. 

What We Do

At Bear River Chiropractic we look to your nervous system as the key to evaluate your health. We provide a thorough examination that allows us to focus our care to your needs. By removing nervous system intererence we will allow your body to heal in its own way. We believe that each person is unique and has a great capacity to heal. Our goal is to help you reach your next level of health. 



We would love the chance to meet you & your family


Preconception Care

We work to make sure your body is healthy, aligned, and properly prepared for pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Care

Our main goal of pregnancy care is keep mom aligned and as comfortable and healthy as possible. 

Pediatric Care

Help keep your children's nervous systems functioning properly so they can do the things they love while remaining healthy.  

I am not sure how many people can say they travel three hours to get a Chiropractic adjustment but that is exactly what I do. My first visit with Dr. Brown was remarkable. I had been experiencing vertigo and a frozen shoulder and had been to numerous Chiropractors with no remarkable progress seen. After just a few adjustments by Dr. Brown, I can gratefully say that my vertigo is gone and I have full range of my shoulder with continued chiropractic care. Dr. Brown gives her time and full attention to her patients and is brilliant in her field.
— Julia Thomas Greenville, Michigan