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What is your Why?

What is your why? A question Simon Sinek has asked all of us to think about. This blog post is about me sharing my why. What made me who I am today. Why chiropractic? Why pediatric chiropractic? Why live in Petoskey, MI? Well.. I'm about to tell you my WHY.

I truthfully did not discover chiropractic until I was a junior at Albion College. I had pursued a pre-health curriculum in school, took my biology and chemistry courses, participated in the honors society, spent 4 years building an impeccable resume. I was on the path I had always wanted to be on; however, I was still getting debilitating migraine headaches. I had been getting these migraines since I was 8 years old. I'm talking lie in a dark room with no sound or smell and don't move or you will vomit types of migraines. I worked through them all through school but I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was applying for medical schools and my stress was through the roof, which means my migraines were out of control. A friend of mine suggested I go try a chiropractor in town.... and admittedly, I was skeptical. I come from a medical minded family that did not know much about alternative health care and wellness. I went to see Dr. Kirk Lee from Albion, MI and slowly but surely my migraines decreased in frequency and severity. I was so fascinated with Dr. Lee and what he could do for people that I asked to shadow him. After shadowing him regularly, Dr. Lee asked me why didn't I apply to chiropractic school. I realized in that moment that he was right. Chiropractic was the missing piece to healthcare that I had always been looking for. Using only his hands he was able to take away what years of medications couldn't touch. I immediately went home and filled out an application for Palmer and haven't looked back. 

While Dr. Lee helped me to find my passion in chiropractic and all that it can do, I have continued to evolve my WHY. I took a particular interest in pediatrics and pregnancy. Thinking about my own history of being a "colicky" baby. Babies are not meant to scream nonstop. Babies cry when they are hungry or need something. Babies are not born to be manipulative creatures. So, why would a baby cry endlessly for months? This question reins in my head.... if I had been adjusted as an infant, would I have experienced migraines as a child and as an adult? Or would this have been a key component to solving my colicky ways? I had to learn more! I participated in the pediatrics club at Palmer, worked under the pediatric clinician in clinic, and began taking the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) courses. It amazed me how quickly kiddos responded to chiropractic. It is almost as if they know that we as chiropractors can help. I can't tell you how rewarding it is to have a mom come in and tell me "we both slept through the night' after months of sleepless, colicky nights.

This is my why.

My why expands into adults who are suffering from pain and chronic disease. Helping people to achieve a new level of functioning that they no longer thought possible. Whether it be them being able to take out the trash without pain, or pitch in a baseball game without pain, or go even one day headache free.

This is my why. 

Why Petoskey? Petoskey because this is a community that I care deeply about. I am from Charlevoix and my husband is from Petoskey, and we LOVE it here! I am so in love with northern Michigan and its small town charms. I love seeing people I know at the grocery store or out to dinner. I love the community support we get for local events from sports teams and band boosters to chili cook offs. I love this community and I love being a part of it. Our business was purposefully put in Petoskey to serve this community. We are here for the people. We want our practice to feel like a home for you! A place you can go to seek health advice or get your arm stretched out before the big game. We are here for you and Petoskey. 

That is my why. This is why I get out of bed in the morning. To give people back something that has been taken from them or help them be the best self they can be. 

That is my WHY.

This is my WHY! This picture was captured during a clinic abroad trip in Manaus, Brazil where we served the local community. 

This is my WHY! This picture was captured during a clinic abroad trip in Manaus, Brazil where we served the local community.