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I've Never Regretted....

I've never regretted.....

Here are 5 healthy things you can easily start adding in to a daily routine. It's so easy to come up with excuses about why not to do things, but in reality these things are easy to incorporate and very beneficial to your health and well-being!

By: Nicole Simpson & Dr. Emily Brown

We are all good at making excuses and not finding time to do what we know is good for us. "I've had a long day and I'm tired."; "The kids are crazy."; "There are not enough hours in the day."; "I don't feel like cooking."; "I just want to sit down for a minute."...... the list goes on and on... BUT in reality, do you really enjoy making excuses/ are these the things that make you feel good looking back on your day? The answer is generally, NO!

So we are going to give you a few healthy tips to incorporate into your day so you can kiss excuses goodbye and form new healthy habits!

  1. Going to bed early?!?
    • Who has ever regretting turning off the TV and going to bed at 9? Sometimes all your body needs is a good night of rest. So why not give it a try? While you may not be up to date on the latest and greatest night time TV, side effects may include: waking up energized and increased mental clarity. I don't know anyone that has ever complained about having too much energy...well maybe parents about their kids...but we all wish we could bottle that energy and use it as needed!
  2. Take a step back from technology
    • Rather than popping on the TV when you get home, why not go on a family walk? Or eat at the dinner table? When is the last time that your family all sat down and ate together? Ask your spouse or kids about their day... learn about each other! Why not have a family game night? Work on a puzzle together? Just put away the screens for an hour a night to start. What is more important than the people you surround yourself with in your own home? These are the people that deserve your undivided nightly attention. Take back your time and your family's time... you deserve and NEED to spend quality time together.
  3. Doing the right thing
    • We have all experienced that gut instinct when something doesn't feel right or you feel like you could help someone in a situation. This is about being present in your day and noticing. Notice a piece of trash on the ground and pick it up. Notice a coworker having a rough day and offer a comforting word. Notice your family and if they want to spend more time with you make it happen. We often times get so distracted by what is going on in our own lives we forget to look around at those near us. Any easy way to reset your mind and refocus is by using meditation.  Headspace is a great app where you can sign up for free and get started. Yoga is also a great way to reset!
  4. Eating right
    • We all have had good days and bad days of eating. How do you feel after a day of eating processed carbs, surgary drinks, and processed meats? How do you feel after a day full of eating healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables? These is a big difference. Not that we don't love the occasional treat, but that's what these things are meant to be: treats--- not daily lifestyle habits. We encourage you to try adding more fruits, veggies, and healthy fats into your day. You can start small and work up to a lifestyle change. But change can start one veggie at a time. 
  5. Moving and being active
    • No one has ever regretting taking a few extra steps a day. In fact, you may feel better after adding movement into your day. Many jobs require us to sit, then we come home and sit, and then we go to sleep and lie down. What if we took the time to move more throughout our day? You may notice less back pain, less leg cramping, increased quality of sleep, and improved digestion. How you incorporate movement if up to you. The most important thing is doing something that you enjoy and find fun! Whether you walk down the hall at work or train to run a marathon, movement is good! 

We hope that you find these tips simple and helpful. Starting small can lead to big results. You have to find what works for you, your body, your lifestyle, your family. What works for us may not be the same as what works for you. But regardless, changing it up from time to time is good!

If you are looking for more advice specific to you, please don't hesitate to give us a call, e-mail, or stop by! 



Emily Brown