Bear River Chiropractic
A Family Practice

Our Approach

Bear River Chiropractic strives to be an advocate for your family. We work hard to care for your family and understand your busy family schedules! We feel that the earlier we can start chiropractic care in a person's life (even before conception) the better life that individual will have. Our passion is families and we want our office to feel like a home for you too! We are open to constructive feedback and helpful suggestions on how we can better serve you.




During my pregnancy, I experienced all of the typical aches and pains and decided to try chiropractic as a natural alternative. Not only did my discomfort decrease, but I felt more prepared for delivery, physically and emotionally. I attribute chiropractic to my quick and medication free delivery. My son and I now both see Dr. Brown and she has been wonderful in not only providing great care, but also educating me on ways to keep me and my son healthy. Dr. Brown is incredibly knowledgeable with a true passion for the human experience; seeing me not only as a patient, but a woman with many facets to her life. I would recommend Dr. Brown to anyone seeking care that is based upon evidence and research and is compassionate, skilled, and professional.
— Morgan Isch, Petoskey

Thank you Dr. Ricci for the most amazing life changing first visit! Lovely office staff, so accommodating...I’m impressed beyond words!
— Peg Barrows
I am not sure how many people can say they travel three hours to get a Chiropractic adjustment but that is exactly what I do. My first visit with Dr. Brown was remarkable. I had been experiencing vertigo and a frozen shoulder and had been to numerous Chiropractors with no remarkable progress seen.. After just a few adjustments by Dr. Brown, I can gratefully say that my vertigo is gone and I have full range of my Shoulder with continued chiropractic care. Dr. Brown gives her time and full attention to her patients and is brilliant in her field.
— Julia Thomas, Greenville