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Wellness and Prevention

At Bear River Chiropractic we will do our best to meet your wellness needs! A nervous system that gets a regular 'tune up' will function better. From keeping your immune system up to allowing proper communication through your nerves, wellness care is great for people of all ages!



Regular adjustments are like an oil change in your car. They are necessary to keep your nervous system performing at its best. This way, when you encounter bacteria that may be harmful, your immune system is prepared to fight and keep you healthy.  Wellness care is also important to prevent scar tissue formation and keep your spine in the best shape possible!

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Q: How often do I have to come for my wellness adjustment?

A: The frequency can vary depending on each person's condition. The minimum frequency to prevent scar tissue is one adjustment per month. Dr. Emily goes to her chiropractor for an adjustment one time per week to keep her nervous system functioning at its best for you!

Q: I hear once I start coming I will always have to get adjusted?

A: Again, this depends on the person. Just as with getting your teeth cleaned or the oil changed on your car, getting adjusted is something that will help you be the best you possible. A tune up for your spine is a healthy tool for your nervous system. 

Q: Will insurance cover my wellness care?

A: Typically insurance does not cover wellness care; however, we do our best to make sure your care is covered. We offer affordable cash discounts for patients and families.

Q: Is there anything else I can be doing to improve my health?

A: In addition to getting adjusted, Dr. Emily will consult with you on a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, nutrition, muscle work, whatever it may be she will help guide you or help you find the right person to answer all of your health care needs. 



Any questions that you may have we would be happy to answer! Please drop us a line, or give us a call.